Privacy Policy of the BOTTLEMAIL Service
BOTTLEMAIL puts your privacy first. We appreciate it that you trust us and provide us with your personal details, which we take very seriously. The given Policy specifies information that we gather and process.

We realize that it is of the highest importance to safeguard your data during transmission and therefore we take all necessary measures to prevent third parties from gaining any unauthorized access to the information, and to prevent violations of existing laws.
1. What information do we gather?
We gather the following:

1. Personal data including:
First name, Last name.
Date of birth.
Language proficiency.
And any other personal details that a BOTTLEMAIL Service user provides us with.

2. Images. By posting your images (profile pictures) in the Service you give us consent to use these images within the core functionality of the BOTTLEMAIL Service.

3. other personal data including:
Information about technical means (devices), technological interaction with the Service (including Host IP address, user's operating system, internet service provider).
Time the user visits the Service and further actions of the Licensee within the Service.
Identifiers, push and other device tokens, mobile network and time zone information.
Information automatically stored in cookies.

2. Permissions
As regarding the use of the Service's separate features, we may, with your consent, access data stored in your device, as well as access your device's camera.
3. For how long do we keep your personal information?
We process personal data once we have received it from you and until you withdraw the consent to the processing of personal data.

You may revoke the consent to processing the personal information in accordance with the current legislation. If, however, at the time of the consent withdrawal you have not terminated the Licensing agreement on the use of the BOTTLEMAIL Service, we have the right to keep processing personal information on account of the ongoing contractual relationship with you.
4. How do we use the information we get?
We use the received personal information to:
- Provide the Licensee with the opportunity to use the BOTTLEMAIL Service.
- Inform the Licensee about options that the BOTTLEMAIL Service offers.
- Facilitate feedback between you and the BOTTLEMAIL Service.
- Send promotional and commercial offers.
- Provide technical support.
- Analyze the BOTTLEMAIL Service user statistics.
- Improve the Service.
5. What principles do we follow when processing personal information?
When processing personal information, we adhere to the following principles:
- Lawfulness, fairness and transparency. Personal data is processed in a legal, fair and transparent manner. Any information about the purposes, methods and volumes of the personal data processed is presented in the most accessible and simple manner.
- Purpose limitation. Data is collected and used only for the purposes set out in this Policy.
- Data minimisation. Collected personal data is only limited to what is necessary for the purposes specified in this Policy.
- Accuracy. Inaccurate personal information will either be removed or corrected upon the Licensee's request.
- Storage limitation. Personal information shall not be stored for a longer period than it is required for the purposes of its processing.
- Integrity and confidentiality. When handling Licensees' data, the Licensor ensures its protection against unauthorized or illegal processing, destruction or modification.
6. What may we do with regard to the personal data?
We may collect, record, systematize, accumulate, store, adjust (update, change), extract, use, depersonalize, block, delete and destroy the Licensee's personal data.

We may perform these actions automatically or non-automatically, with or without computer means.
7. In what cases may personal data be provided to third parties?
Personal data may be made available for other users of the BOTTLEMAIL Service if this information is in public domain (your account details) or if you make it available for other users at your own wish.

The data may also be accessed by our personnel, as well as our partners and contractors involved in the Service's operations.

We may as well provide third parties with generalized user statistics to perform data analysis and make the Service more efficient.
8. Compliance with GDPR standards
In accordance with the standards of the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (GDPR, Regulation 2016/679), you may, at any time, send us a request concerning the processing of your data, place and purpose of processing, types of personal data being processed, third parties the personal data is disclosed to, processing period, as well as ask us to specify the source of our personal information and request its correction.

In accordance with the standards of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you may, at any time, exercise the right to be forgotten, which means deleting your personal data at your request. In this case, when we stop processing your personal data, you will not be able to use the BOTTLEMAIL Service.

In accordance with the standards of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you may exercise the right to data portability, i. e. request us to provide a free electronic copy of your personal data to another company.
9. Consent to advertisements and commercial offers
When using the BOTTLEMAIL Service, you consent to receive advertising and commercial offers, including announcements of new services, special promotions and offers, as well as new features of the Service.

You agree to receive advertising and commercial offers through the Service itself, as well as through telephone calls and SMS messages. This information may also be sent by third-party mailing services on our behalf.
10. How do we protect your personal data?
We guarantee that we will not disclose or transfer your personal data to third parties, except as expressly provided by the applicable law and this Policy.

We undertake to take all necessary organizational and technical measures to protect your personal data from unauthorized or accidental access by third parties, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, and other illegal actions by third parties.

You should take all necessary measures to reduce the risk of third parties gaining access to your personal data, including using different passwords for different applications and services, regularly updating antivirus programs etc...
11. When can we change our Privacy Policy?
We reserve the right to make changes to any of the provisions of the Privacy Policy at any time with the exception for the provisions that contradict current legislation. The new version of the Policy takes effect from the moment it is posted, unless otherwise provided by the Policy.

You should regularly monitor updates to this Privacy Policy for possible changes. If you do not opt out of using the BOTTLEMAIL Service after the new Privacy Policy takes effect, it is considered that you agree to the updated terms of the Service's Privacy Policy.
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